Vol. 5, No. 1; February 2015

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Tagged: A Strategic Social Media Marketing Classroom Activity
Dr. Marilyn Martin Melchiorre
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The Global Innovation System: A New Phase of Capitalism
Stuart S. Brown, David H. Levey
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Tie Strength and Entrepreneurial Resource Acquisition of the Online Stores: The Moderating Role of C2C Industrial Life Cycle
Kan Wang, Robert D. Hisrich
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The Effect of the Factors leading to Job Satisfaction on the Innovation Level: Study on Workers in Islamic Banks operating in Jordan
Dr. Mohammad Al-Mahayreh, Dr. Moh.d Ahmed Abdel- Qader
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Can Job Satisfaction be predicted by Organizational Commitment, Gender, Age, Experience, and Position? An empirical Investigation in a Private Financial Institution in Bahrain
Muath Eleswed, Fatema Mohammed
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Mtoto: Supporting Greater Access to Pre-and Post-Natal Care for Women Living in Rural Developing Economies
Jakita O. Thomasa, Yolanda Rankinb
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Brand Mentions in Social Media as a Key Performance Indicator in the German Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry
Olga Azarkina, Monyédodo Régis Kpossa, Erhard Lick
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Actualising Sustainable Development through Entrepreneurship: Ethical Implication of Fund Management in Lagos Nigeria
Omojuwa Ayodele
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The Research of China Capital Market Institutional Investors Function Absence Problem
Lijun Zhang
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Ibn Al-Haytham’s Philosophy on Scientific Research Applied in Islamic Research Methodology: Analysis from Tasawwur, Epistemology and Ontology Perspectives
Mohd Syahmir Alias Mohd Shukri Hanapi
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Should we continue to ignore the CSR spirit of the African enterprises?
Félix Ntep
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Predictors of an Emotional Brand
Priya, Rachel J.; Dr. Anbarasu, Joseph A
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