The Effect of the Factors leading to Job Satisfaction on the Innovation Level: Study on Workers in Islamic Banks operating in Jordan
Dr. Mohammad Al-Mahayreh, Dr. Moh.d Ahmed Abdel- Qader

This study aimed to measure four sets of factors that cause Job Satisfaction which are: Salaries and Bonuses, Job Duties and Responsibilities, Relationships with Colleagues and Managers, Appreciation and Self-esteem, on the Innovation Level in Islamic Banks operating in Jordan. The Study population consisted of the whole workers at the Islamic Banks operating in Jordan and they are: Jordan Islamic Bank, Islamic International Arab Bank, AlRajhi Bank, Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank, with an estimated number of 2871 employees according to Jordanian Bank Association Statistics in 2011. The study sample consisted of a simple random sample with a size of 339 from the workers in the Islamic Banks operating in Jordan, where 318 valid analytical questionnaires had been retrieved with a rate of 93.5%. The study results indicated that there is an effect of two sets of factors leading to the job satisfaction: as it found that there was a statistically significant effect of the level of rewards and incentives and Respect & Self Esteem. While there was no effect of the job duties and responsibilities, and the relationships with the managers and colleagues on the Innovation level in Islamic Banks operating in Jordan. The study concluded a set of recommendations that are believed to be important in reinforcing the innovative environment in these Banks, including: establishing special units in the Islamic banks specialized with innovation and leadership, and the necessity of giving attention to the financial Incentives as a way to reinforce the Innovation in the banks work environment.

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