Vol. 7, No. 2; June 2017

Table of Contents

Too Hot to Handle: Implementing Two Significant Accounting Standards at the Same Time
Valbona Sulcaj, Geyi Li, Hubert D. Glover
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Effects of Diversity in Teams and Workgroups: A Qualitative Systematic Review
Seyhan G├╝ver, Renate Motschnig
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The Impact of Laptops in the Classroom: An Assessment on Participation, Motivation and Student Learning
Melvin C. Washington
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Does Human Capital Development Matter for Economic Growth? An Empirical Reflection of the Nigerian Experience
Egberi Kelvin Agbarha
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Technology as an Important Role in the Implementation of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030
Abdulaziz Alshuaibi
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Public Awareness of Tax Reforms in Ghana: Implication for Tax Evasion in the Wa Municipality
Lydia Faith Nsubuga, Dr Fredrick T Sai, Felicia Naatu
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The Importance of Multiculturalism in Community Interpreting
Coskun DOGAN
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