Technology as an Important Role in the Implementation of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030
Abdulaziz Alshuaibi

Information technology (IT) is rapidly growing influencing every sector of the economy. That has contributed to increased interest by various nations to boost IT connectivity within their borders and beyond to serve a number of national wellbeing. Many countries are focusing on the need to enhance their security as well as economic performance. In that regard, Saudi Arabia launched Vision 2030 in 2016with the hope of diversifying its economy, changing its oil reliant nature to a manufacturing economy. To achieve these goals, the application of IT cannot be underestimated. IT has been known to contribute greatly to creation of a good business environment be enhancing government relationship with firms especially by ensuring smooth operations for the latter. Again, it has allowed business-tobusiness exchanges, which will promote business growth through ideas and innovations. That will lead to increased production, employment opportunity and increased revenues for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, thus improving the country’s GDP. As such, technology should be considered a necessity in the realization of Saudi’s Vision 2030.

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