The Importance of Multiculturalism in Community Interpreting
Coşkun DOĞAN

Multiculturalism is one of the consequences of globalization and huge development in communication technology in the last century. Multiculturalism enables people live their originality consciously and without authorization the other cultures. In this sense, multiculturalism is a cultural wealth for living together. Moreover, for people who have different cultures living together makes it necessary to find a way of intercultural communication. Multiculturalism, which is the basis of pluralism in every sense, is also a must for social diversity and its appearance and recognition. Moving from this thought, interpretation, a social phenomenon between different languages and cultures has an undeniable function. The function of community interpreting which is frequently mentioned in the last years and intercultural communicative mediation is multifaceted. The community interpreter has to know the foreign language or languages, the cultures they belong to, their social structures, world understandings and value judgments. Multiculturalism needs social and cultural diversity. In this sense, a community interpreter has to apply every culture’s necessities equally besides the interpreting procedure. In multicultural societies formed by different cultures, “community interpreting” plays a key role in living together in peace and common boundaries. Community interpreting has a mission on conciliation and adaptation different cultures and cultural values. Language differs human beings from other living things is a cultural communication tool as well. Community Interpreting is to help social structures who needs to compromise in the sense of multiculturalism and with recognizing their cultural background helps them to facilitate their own experiences. This study will examine the necessity of Community Interpreting which has become more and more important in recent days, in order for communities with diverse cultures to continue their harmonious coexistence and to maintain their appropriate presence in the content of multiculturalism away from conflicts.

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