Vol. 6, No. 3; June 2016

Table of Contents

Viewing through Silenced Eyes: a Look at American Media Portrayal of China
Anita Brown; Justin C. Velten, Ph.D.
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“The Secret”: Building Success in the National Student Advertising Competition
Dr. Justin J. Barnes, Dr. Rebecca J. Tallent
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Building the Knowledge Portal for University Libraries in Vietnam
Loan Thuy Bui, Kha Sanya Minh To
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Health Expenditures in Transition Economies within the Framework of Welfare State
Ozgur Emre KOC
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Moderating Effect of Farmer Characteristics on the Relationship between Branding Practices and Performance of Commercial Farmers
Dr. Isaac Micheni Nkari (Ph.D)
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The Influence of University Strikes on Educational Systems: An Exploratory Pilot Study on Nigerian Students
Ali A. Albar, Uriel U. Onye
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Supporting Activities to Achieve Total Quality in the Jordanian Tourist Restaurants and Their Impact on Customer Satisfaction
Akif Lutfi Al-Khasawneh
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