Vol. 6, No. 1; February 2016

Table of Contents

A Cross-cultural Comparison of Materialism in Emerging and Newly Developed Asian Markets
Hyeon Jeong Cho, Ph.D.; Byoungho Jin, Ph.D.; Kittichai (Tu) Watchravesringkan, Ph.D.
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A Study on Mentor-Protégé Assessments in Healthcare Industry
Dr. Sandra Washington; Dr. Devi Akella; Dr. Cynthia Bennett
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Relationship of Social Service Managers' Instrumental and Expressive Traits to Job Burnout
Catherine A. Hawkins, Ph.D.; Raymond C. Hawkins II, Ph.D.
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The Extent of the External Auditor's Reliance on the Internal Auditor's Report in Preparing the Report about the Financial Statements
Laith Ahmad Al kasasbeh
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Approaching the Overview of Human Resource Training in Tourism Based on Social Demand in Vietnam
Loan Thuy Bui, Hieu Tin Nguyen
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Statistical Investigation into the Relationship between Cyber-Attacks and the Type of Business Sectors
Andreea Bendovschi, Bogdan Stefan Ionescu, Ameer Al-Nemrat
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Gender in Genre: Female Entrepreneurs’ Public Speaking in International Corporate Communication
Annalisa Zanola
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