A Study on Mentor-Protégé Assessments in Healthcare Industry
Dr. Sandra Washington; Dr. Devi Akella; Dr. Cynthia Bennett

Research on mentoring has demonstrated a variety of positive effects of mentoring relationships. Mentoring provides ongoing career development, acceleration of leadership development, facilitation of organizational learning and improved retention (Perrone, 2003). There needs to be a good fit between the mentor and protégés to ensure that obstacles are overcome and mentoring is successful. Mentors and mentee protégé must be compatible (Oliver and Aggleton, 2002). This paper examines if there are specific differences between mentor and protégé assessments of the overall effectiveness of the mentoring relationship. The primary author sought the permission of Human Synergistics to use the online version of the Management Effectiveness Profile System (MEPS) questionnaire to study a convenience sample of 65 matched mentor and protégé dyads from various states within the United States.

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