Vol. 3 No. 5; May 2013

Table of Contents
The Need for Empowering Women Prison Inmates: Addressing Gender-Specific Issues Regarding Sexually Transmitted Diseases in a Vulnerable Population
Billy Long, Paige Redifer
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Institutionalizing Synergy: Empowering the Learning Community through ICT
William Brent Carper, Samy El Akabawy, Dan Tschirgi, MARK A. PETERSON, Jonathan Hill
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Education in the Language of a Learner’s Choice in South African Public Schools: an Educators’ Perspective
Erika Mariane Serfontein
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Influence of Strategic Levers on Performance of Kenya’s Manufacturing Firms Operating under the East African Community Regional Integration
Dr. Samwel Otieno
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Is the Principle of Freedom Property in Hegel?
İsmet Tekerek
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Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment: A Correlational Study in Bahrain
Fatema Mohammed, Muath Eleswed
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The Determinants of Supply of Kenya’s Major Agricultural Crop Exports from 1963 to 2012
Lenity Kananu Maugu, Rael Mwirigi, John Njoroge Maara, Nebat Galo
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The Effect of Technology Innovation Fund on SMEs’ Financial Growth——Using Manufacturing Company Data from China
Yingmin Yu, Hongxing Peng
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The Impact of Inventory Management Practices on Financial Performance of Sugar Manufacturing Firms in Kenya
Timothy Lwiki, Patrick Boniface Ojera, Nebat Galo Mugenda, Virginia Kirigo Wachira
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Influence Analysis of Organizational Culture Organizational Commitment Job and Satisfaction Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) Toward Improved Organizational Performance
Chamdan Purnama
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Influence of Current and Investment R&D Expenditures on Number of Patent: A Case Study of Turkey
Deniz Aytaç, Sabiha KILIÇ
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Developing an Integrated Module on Entrepreneurship to Improve Ability in Making Business Plans
Ninik Sudarwati
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