Developing an Integrated Module on Entrepreneurship to Improve Ability in Making Business Plans
Ninik Sudarwati

This study aims at developing an integrated module on entrepreneurship, which is complete, practical, easy to understand, and uses a simple mode of language as an individual learning aid to improve students’ ability in making business plans. The method used in the development of the module is Design Based Research with the following steps: problem identification, explanation of goals, design and development of artifacts, artifact testing, evaluation on artifact testing, and communication of artifact-testing results. The try out was done through individual learning on entrepreneurship materials implementing the integrated module the students had. The effectiveness of the module was determined from the number of students who could successfully develop business plans. The criterion for the effectiveness was that 50% or more of the students could develop business plans. The development results show that the module had gone through some revision, that it finally comes in this following arrangement: Chapter 1 (Developing the Entrepreneurial Spirit), Chapter 2 (Running the Business), and Chapter 3 (Practice Making Business Plans). Chapter 1 consists of 5 topics, Chapter 2 consists of 6 topics, and Chapter 3 consists of 1 topic. The graphic design of the module was made suitable with the characteristics of entrepreneurship field, completed with colorful layout and vibrant atmosphere as the reflection of entrepreneurial spirit itself. Those who have been using the module, as many as 70% of the total number of students, could make up a business plan.

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