Vol. 3 No. 3; March 2013

Table of Contents
University Student Perceptions and Learning Outcomes of an Experiential Audit Project
Margie Ness LaShaw, Brad Sago, Tara Lambert
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Human Capital Valuation in Professional Sport
Rebecca Abraham, Judith Harris, Joel Auerbach
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Social Relationship Factors Influence on EWOM Behaviors in Social Networking Sites: Empirical Study: Taiwan and Vietnam
Yi Hsu, Thi Hong Chau Tran
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Stock Price Prediction Using K-Nearest Neighbor (kNN) Algorithm
Khalid Alkhatib, Hassan Najadat, Ismail Hmeidi, Mohammed K. Ali Shatnawi
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The Relationships between Trust and Unethical Negotiation
Yu-Te, Tu
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Do Entrepreneurship Skills Have an Influence on the Performance of Women Owned Enterprises in Africa? Case of Micro and Small Enterprises in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Msoka Elizabeth M
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Utilization of Self-Service Banking Technologies: A Study of the Variables Differentiating the Level of Usage among the Mature Age Consumer Market in Australia
Janelle Rose, Gabriel O Ogunmokun
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Inundations in the Kura River
Matanat Musayeva
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