Social Relationship Factors Influence on EWOM Behaviors in Social Networking Sites: Empirical Study: Taiwan and Vietnam
Yi Hsu, Thi Hong Chau Tran

This study provides insight into how social relationship factors influence on electronic Word-of-Mouth (EWOM) behaviors in social networking sites. By using the sample from Taiwan and Vietnam college students - who spend more time on social networking sites, we investigate these determinants of EWOM behaviors such as social capital, trust and interpersonal influences, and compare the results between Taiwanese and Vietnamese samples. Simple regression analysis was utilized to examine the three hypotheses through a questionnaire designed on the Likert seven-point scale. The results indicated that bonding social capital and interpersonal influence have positively significant influence on EWOM behaviors, and there are different about some factors between Taiwan and Vietnam. Taiwan consumers are found to have more bonding social capital, trust and normative influence than Vietnam counterparts do.

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