Vol. 6, No. 4; December 2016

Table of Contents

One Classroom, Three Weeks, Four Continents… Live! John Lipinski, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
John Lipinski
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The Workplace Implications of Ageism for Women in the Australian ICT Sector
Dr. Susan Bandias, Dr. Rajeev Sharma
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Refrirest Case: Managing a Manufacturing Process
Danilo Sirias, Melissa Tebedo (Reinert)
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Leadership Style in Nonprofit Organizations, the Mexican Case
Dra. Cecilia Ramos Estrada, Dra. María Teresa de la Garza Carranza
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The Role of Feedback in the Bologna Process, According to Goal Setting Theory: An Exploratory Study of Students' Perceptions
Miriam Puig Terrón, Jordi Balagué i Canadell, Joan Solé-Pla
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Assessment of Problems Facing State Owned Enterprises in Kenya
Elijah Njagi Ireri (LLM)
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The Impact of Knowledge Sharing on Intrapreneurship through Studying the Moderating Role of Work Ethics in Tose’e Credit Institute
Ghazaleh Ezlegini, Mehdi Kheirandish, Naser Asgari
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