Vol. 4, No. 6; December 2014

Table of Contents

Extent of QR Code Adoption by Consumers
Steven Cox, Ronald E. Shiffler
Abstract Full Text
The Causes and Consequences of Sovereign Debt
Hany H. Makhlouf
Abstract Full Text
A Review of Emotional Intelligence Initiatives from a Corporate Sustainability Perspective
Orlando Rivero
Abstract Full Text
Copacabana: A City Branding Made of Longevity and Landscape
Angela Philippini
Abstract Full Text
Urban Spatial Planning and Local Economic Development: Comparative Assessment of Practice in Tanzanian Cities
Ally H. Namangaya
Abstract Full Text
Teaching English Writing in China: AES vs. MES
Jie Chang
Abstract Full Text
E-Coaching for Weight Loss
Jennifer Warren, Sandra L. Hudak, Mark Fridline, Keith Roach M.D
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