Perceptual Difference of Role based Performance –A Gender Study
Dr P. David Jawahar, S. N. Raghavendra

People are considered very important in business today as the whole business depends on their effective performance .Low levels of employee performance could lower firms profitability and lead to failure .The factor that explains organizational performance is job performance, which indicates how well an employee performs the (Skinner, Dubinsky, and Donnelly 1984). The aim of this study is to empirically examine the perceptual relationship between the variables in the Role Based Performance Scale developed by Welbourne, Johnson and Amir Erez (1998) and also identify the difference between genders if any, in perceiving the relationship in their performance. This study has been developed using multi dimensional scaling (MDS) to bring out the perception of one variable with others. The primary data was collected from customer service personnel of a government organization who interact with customers on a regular basis through a structured questionnaire. Based on the 304 responses, this study found that the Job role and organization role constructs are perceived together for the male employees and it is distinctly away from career construct in role based performance. With respect to female service personnel the constructs organization role, innovation role and job role are perceived together of which innovation role and organization role are perceived closer.

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