Influence of Economic Social Responsibility on the Sustainable Growth of Large Supermarkets in Kenya
Rop Francis Kiplagat, Dr. Kabui Anne Christine Wanjiru

Growth of business is increase in market share and geographical presence over time. Sustainable growth is the continued ability to sustain acquired growth into the future. Economic social responsibility requires that business give value for money to all stakeholders. The study conceptualized that economic social responsibility may influence sustainable growth of large supermarkets in Kenya. Parameters used are value of investment, employee compensation, and product variety. The study used descriptive research design. Targeted population was 25 branches of the three large supermarkets. Semi-structured questionnaire was used for data collection. Respondents were branch managers and staff in-charge of CSR. Findings reveal that values of investment, employee compensation, product variety and sustainable growth have a strong positive and significant correlation. Economic responsibility explains variation of 0.669 as indicated by R2. The study recommends adoption of the economic responsibility as one way of enhances sustainable growth in large supermarkets in Kenya. Further studies can use different set of economic factors.

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