Information Technology Creativity and Economic Growth: A Case of Korea
Haiwook Choi, Hae-Yeon Choi

This paper examines the contributing factors of information technology (IT) creativity and whether IT creativity can explain the economic growth in Korea. We empirically test college students’ perception and attitudes on educational quality, work environment, social preparedness on tolerance, and government-initiated IT policy. We also test whether creative capital theory, which states creativity as the major driver ofregional and national economic development– is working in Korea. We apply structural equation modeling (SEM) to analyze the survey data collected from college students in five different regions in Korea. SEM analysis indicates that all endogenous constructs, except education quality, provide a statistically significant explanation of IT creativity and economic growth. The results found that government IT policy, work environment, and tolerance are essential indicators of IT creativity, and IT creativity also positively influences economic growth in Korea.

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