Gender Digital Divide in Europe
Maria A. Perifanou, Anastasios A. Economides

This paper describes the digital divide between women and men in Europe. The paper presents the gender gaps in Europe across all areas of a woman’s life: digital skills in general, in education, in employment, in career evolution, in starting a business, and more. Various European authorities address the gender digital divide and call member States for actions. Finally, the paper recommends strategies to be implemented across the life phases of a woman (young girl, student, early career, advanced career) and across action areas (Raise Awareness & Promote, Educate & Train, Mentor & Guide, Network, Fund, Legislate). The actions should not only target women but also other Stakeholders such as parents, teachers, media people, influencers, employers, public authorities, chambers, associations, and general public. Finally, the paper proposes specific measures and indicators to monitor the progress made towards gender digital equality.

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