Integration of Information and Communication Technologies Competencies in Business Education in Colleges of Education in the South East of Nigeria
Abiara Ijeoma Pamela, Dr. Chioma Vivienne Nwokoro, PhD, Dr. Felix Onwubuariri Chima, PhD

The study sought to evaluate the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) competencies required by Business Education lecturers in Colleges of Education in the South East of Nigeria. The population of the study comprised of 53 lecturers in the five selected Colleges of Education in the South East zone of Nigeria. The instrument for data collection was a structured questionnaire. The data collected were analysed using mean and standard deviation for research questions while the hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance using t-test. The findings of the study showed that Business Education lecturers highly require ICT competencies like Microsoft word, internet, power point, spreadsheet and Database amongst others. The study also revealed that the knowledge of these ICT competencies is highly required for effective teaching of Business Education as a subject in Colleges of Education. The study thus recommends that lecturers should be encouraged to go for in service training to enable self-paced learning through e-leaning as well as by fostering a live contact between teachers and learners through e-mail, chalk session, web based learning including the use of internet.

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