Quality Management Practices and Performance of ISO 9000 Certified Middle Level Colleges in Kenya
Jack O. Kelly, Vincent N. Machuki

Quality management practices influence the way organizations perform. Most studies argue that firms which embrace QMP outperform those that do not. Some studies however show no impact of embracing QMPs. There is no consensus as to how QMPs affect firm performance. The objective of the study was to determine the influence of quality management practices on performance of ISO 9000 Certified middle level colleges in Kenya. Through a descriptive cross-sectional survey, data were gathered using a semi-structured questionnaire from 50 Middle Level Colleges between January and August 2015. Both descriptive and inferential statistical analyzes were undertaken on the data. Findings of the study indicate that QMPs have an effect on overall performance of middle level colleges. Specifically, findings show QMPs to have significant effects on Non-financial but not on financial performance. The study concluded that QMPs enable organizations to realize superior performance. From the study findings, implications for policy, practice and methodology have been pointed out. Based on the study’s limitations, suggestions for further research have been suggested

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