Challenges for on-Demand Technology and the Unseen Opportunities
Shaharia Arafat, MBA

The pursuit of immediate services and goods have underlied the rapid development of on-demand technology. On-demand technology offers less interaction than conventional methods. It has disrupted the conventional way of obtaining goods or services by offering a way to get immediate goods and services in real time and even on the go. The rising of on-demand technology and startups has led to the creation of an on-demand economy where conventional services are repacked in new modes of delivery and accommodate a wide range of users. More than 30 articles and journals are cited in this paper to provide a thorough discussion about on-demand technology, including the current challenges and future development of on-demand technology. This paper discusses on-demand technology along with how on-demand technology can disrupt the conventional method of obtaining services and goods. There are five unseen opportunities that new and current companies can leverage to create an on-demand economy. Those are real time technology, background history and capability, interactive maps, pricing, and distance-wise priority.

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