Effect of Non Defensive and Respectful Reaction as A Way of Conflict Resolution Techniques on Organization Performance in the Banks and Financial Institutions in Kakamega Central Distirct
Wanyama N. Rebecca, Otuya I. Willis

Human resource managers are consequently faced with challenges of managing change leading to sprouting of a variety of conflicts within organizations. Challenges facing human resource managers require their specialized training to facilitate handling of the emerging issues in workplaces. Therefore the purpose for this study was to establish the effect of conflict resolution techniques on organization performance in banks and financial institutions in Kakamega Central District. The specific objective was: To establish the effect of non-defensive and respectful reactions as a tool of conflict resolution on organization performance. The study adopted both quantitative and qualitative research designs employing descriptive survey method. Six banking and financial institution comprising of a population of 140 respondents was targeted. Simple random sampling was used to select the banks and financial institution and a sample of 42 respondents. The data collected was analyzed quantitatively using statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) program version 22. Data from questionnaires was analyzed using descriptive statistical technique then represented using tables and graphs.

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