Vol. 5, No. 2; April 2015

Table of Contents

The Ancients: Artifacts and Aircraft
Susan Kelly Archer
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A Study of the Impacts of the Panama Canal Expansion on the U.S. Northeast Ports and Strategy of the Port of Boston
Chien Wen Yu
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The Alleged Connection between Genetic Diversity and Economic Growth: The Out-of-Africa Theory and the Idea of an Economic Super-Race as an Abuse of Biology
Gregor Becker, Paulina Knobloch, Olga Piotrowska
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Online ads Opportunities, Challenges and CRM Technologies
K. K. Hashimova
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Adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems in Kenya: A Case of Selected Manufacturing Firms in Nairobi Metropolitan
Dr. Nzuki, David Musyimi; Prof. William Okelo-Odongo
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Indicative Planning in Spain (1964-1975)
Jesús M. Zaratiegui
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Dynamic Analysis of Coupling Relationship between Economic Development and Ecological Environment of Hubei Province
Luo Juan, Angelina N. Ilchenko
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