Socio-Psychological Adaptation of Migrant and Russian School Children to Polycultural Educational Environment of Modern Schools
Vladimir Innokentievich Petrishchev, ?lga Vladimirovna Barkanova

The article deals with the issues connected with the peculiarities of socio-psychological adaptation of migrant and Russian school children of different age groups to the polycultural educational environment of schools in Russia. The study was conducted in a number of schools in Krasnoyarsk and Sosnovoborsk in Krasnoyarsk region( Siberia), Russia, and comprised 200 school children. The research revealed that the level of sociopsychological adaptation of Russian children was higher only among junior school children in comparison to migrant children, whereas both Russian and migrant adolescent and senior school children feel adapted enough. The research results proved that psychological work on development and improvement of adaptation problems among migrant school children should be aimed at development of communicative and behavioural competence, emotional and personality well-being and self-actualization.

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