Integrated Estimation of Territory Social and Economic Infrastructure: Experimental Modeling
Angelina N.Ilchenko

The major problem of the state social and economic policy for the countries with transitional economics is smoothing of territories’ (regions’) development inequality and population life quality leveling. This problem is solved by development of lagging regions’ infrastructure. The state chooses investment projects, in the conditions of financial resources’ limitation and lack of a complex methodology of estimation of different territories’ social and economic infrastructure condition. In the article the statistical problem of measurability of condition of social and economic infrastructure (SEI) of the territory (region) is analyzed. The author offers integrated statistic indicator – the Index of Development of Social and Economic Infrastructure (IDSEI). IDSEI allows classifying and ranking of the territories for the purpose of the state regional policy realization: that is investment appeal and population life quality leveling. It is enough of the national state statistics official data for IDSEI calculation. In the article the results of experimental modeling (Russia regions ranking on IDSEI value fulfilled in 2012-2013) are presented. Applicability of the IDSEI method for regional economy management of “overtaking development” countries is proved.

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