Globalization of Nigeria’s Oil Industry: An Overview of the Unending Terrorism in the Niger-Delta Region
Erunke Canice Erunke, Makama Godiya Alalana

The prevailing and prolong sectional violence perpetuated by militants in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria’s South-South geo-political zone informs the position of this paper. The researcher grapple with the very essence of globalize oil sector as root cause of violence in the region, more so that it is Nigeria’s economic mainstay as a nation state. At the heart of this discourse is the activities of Shell Oil Company and its roles in the degeneration of arable land in the region without corresponding palliative measures to cushion the effects of the peoples deteriorating socio-economic plight. The paper concludes that an enabling environment created in the region by both government, political gladiators in the region as well as multinational corporations will go a long way in stemming the tide of rebellion among the militants in the region. This paper is designed to boost further research.

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