Teaching Foreign Language and Foreign Culture to Young Learners
Dr. Selma Deneme, Selen Ada, Kutay Uzun

The study focuses on the teaching of foreign culture (mostly English) to young learners in Turkey. After reviewing the relevant literature, the study investigates how Turkish children can be introduced to foreign culture in and out of the class and can be made to learn it at home (by their parents, siblings and etc.), in certain social occasions (e.g. birthday parties, other celebrations), through media and technology (e.g., television, computer, computer games etc.), in social and educational institutions such as kindergartens (through friends and teachers, and by using the teaching-learning materials) and schools (through their teacher and class-mates, through the teaching material, etc.). The research is both qualitative and quantitative in nature. The participants of the study consisted of young learners. A questionnaire designed by the researchers was used for collecting the study data, which was subsequently analyzed. The analysis helped in identifying possible ways of teaching foreign culture to young learners is discussed by the help of clear and efficient examples and explanations. The chapter presents and discusses real life situations and applications. Since culture teaching is a field in its infancy, the findings of the study should benefit researchers and teachers alike, while paving the way for additional future research.

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