A Multi-objective Optimization of Sino-Kazakh Container Flow through Dostyk-Alashankou Node of the New Eurasian Land Bridge
Ksenia K. A. Novikova MEng, Lu Jing, Otieno R. Kennedy MEng

Cross-border container delivery time is determined by container flow rate between and through border-point nodes. For businesses to gain competitive advantagethere is need to shorten delivery time by increasing flow of containers through supply chain nodes. Container flow should be optimal to ensure proper resource utilization and profitability to players. This paper presents a multi-objective optimization of container flow through Dostyk and Alashankou, both of which form a critical node in China-Kazakhstan New Eurasian Land Bridge supply chains. The research used evolutionary multi-objective optimization approach to analyze data. Results show that there are cost savings and low demand dissatisfaction using IMEA optimization. Dostyk station showed higher demand dissatisfaction than Alashankou. The findings are important to policymakers and management in developing approaches that can optimize flow of containers at border points.

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