Relationship of Reputation and Risk : Strategies for Sustainable Corporational Reputation
Fatma Geçikli

Corporate reputation is built on the trust and believes of stakeholders. Reputation developing on good-will is an abstract phenomenon helpfull to the business in difficult period sand it has a direct impact on the market value of the corporation. Reputation is a means that maintains the surveillance against public scandals threatening every institution in this information community. No corporate can external is itself from the opinions of the public. While expressing the benefits of a positive reputation to the corporates, reputation risk shouldn’t be ignored. Researches şhow that it takes twenty years to gain reputation, but five minutes to lose it. Reputation is not only an important but also a fragile business asset ,and is faced with various risks (managerial scandals, terror, crisis, natural disasters, lack of trust etc.) In this context ,this study, under the light of all these data and researches, aims at presenting reputation risk management and sustainable corporate reputation strategies theoterically by discussing reputation-risk relations. In addition, through the theoretical information, various suggestions are presented on reputation risk management.

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