An Examination of the Inter-Organizational Structure in the Animal Health and Nutrition Bioscience Network
Keith D. Harris, David J. O’Brien

There has been an increased interest in economic network functionality within the last fifteen years, but relatively few empirical studies examining the inter organizational exchanges in animal health and nutrition industries. Using a network of 174 organizations in a defined geographical space in the middle sections of two U.S. Midwestern states: Kansas and Missouri, we extend such research on inter-organizational networks. The purpose of this paper is to measure the extent of the linkages and the systematic complexity of this economic network. We are able to carefully describe the network and assess its capacity to generate knowledge.The findings suggest that robust economic networks are increasingly built on the development of socioeconomic network comprised of weak, strong, and reciprocal ties. This study will help facilitate the design of management policies that increase mutual interaction that are bound in space and time and can change with the business and social environment.

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