How Did Ethical Evaluation Work As a Mediator between Moral Intensity and Decision Making?
Su, Wen-Jywan Grace

IT professionals who were entitled to develop information technology required commitment with information ethics. When IT professionals facing unethical issues, how did the dominators of their ethical evaluations work between unethical issue with different moral intensity and their ethical intention? An individual’s ethical decisions are dominated by either deontological evaluation (DE) or teleological evaluation (TE). Using data collected from IT professionals who responded to three scenarios, we applied partial least squares in data analyses, resulting in the following findings. The moral intensity of an unethical action significantly influenced the teleological evaluation regarding organizational harm for IT professionals. The ethical decision of IT professionals was affected primarily by deontological evaluation. And temporal immediacy, one of the six indicators of moral intensity, showed the strongest effect on moral intensity with regard to the information ethical issues. Implications and managerial practices were then discussed.

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