Investigation the Profile and the Level of Job Satisfaction of the Employee in Regional Sport Management
Bavli, Özhan, Özgider, Can

Purpose and Participants: The aim of this study was to investigate the profile and the level of job satisfaction of the employee who work in Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports of Çanakkale. Totally 38 (10 female 28 male) employee who were aged 40,3±7,5 years, 18,6±6,8 years length of service participated in to the study voluntarily. Methods: Demographic survey and the Minnesota Satisfaction Scale (MSQ) were used to collect data. Pearson Correlation model in SPSS 11,5 statistical package program for Windows was used for statistical analyses. Results: Findings showed that, % 44.7 of participants have education level of high school as often (%50), secretarial unit work, % 73 of participant work in officer position and monthly income mean was 1360.2 ± 224.1 TL. Results also indicated that average job satisfaction point was 62,9±13,9. Besides, it was found that there was no correlation with job satisfaction level and the age, length of service and the salary (p>0.05). Consclusion: As a conclusion; it is possible to say that the level of the job satisfaction of the employees was high and they were satisfied with the current management model.

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