Vol. 2 No. 4; June 2012

Table of Contents
Paperless Processes: Benchmarking Small Firm Level of Implementation to Larger Firm Level of Implementation
Jefferson T. Davis; Joseph Hadley; Hal Davis, Attorney; Roman Kepczyk
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Non-Formal Education: Is It Relevant or Obsolete?
Dr. Akanisi Kedrayate
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A New Frontier in the Eighteenth Century: Karl Philipp Moritz and the Exploration of the Human Mind
Eckhard Rölz
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Innovation in Distribution Channel, Cost Efficiency & Firm Performance: The Case of Indonesian Small & Medium Enterprise Scales
Ferri kuswantoro, M.Mohd Rosli, Radiah Abdul Kader
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The Leadership Edge: How Teachers Taught, Learned and Led During the Escola Plural Reform in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Quirino de Brito
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Adoption of Information Technology on Small Businesses: The Role of Environment, Organizational and Leader Determinant
Rahab, Jogiyanto Hartono
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Predicting Run Production and Run Prevention in Baseball: The Impact of Sabermetrics
Philip Beneventano, Paul D. Berger, Bruce D. Weinberg
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Factors Affecting Adoption of Electronic Commerce among Small Medium Enterprises in Kenya: Survey of Tour and Travel Firms in Nairobi
Dr. Wanjau Kenneth, Macharia N. Rebecca, Ayodo Eunice M. A.
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Inventory Write-Downs: Particularly Important in the Current Economic Environment
Valeriya Avdeev
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Evaluation of Contemporary Environmental Condition of River Basins in Southern Pre-Caspian Areas of Azerbaijan
R. A. Ismailov, R. N. Karimov
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An Exploration of Predictors of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour and its Significant Link to Employee Engagement
Dr.Nadeem Ahmed, Anwar Rasheed, Khawaja Jehanzeb
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Research on Airport Data Warehouse Architecture
WANG Jian-bo, FAN Chong-jun
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Counter-factual Analysis of the Nigerian Economy: A Test of the Relative Potency of Monetary and Fiscal Policies
Egwaikhide Christian Imoudu; Enoma Anthony; Saheed, Zakaree
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