Impact of Organizational Innovation on Work Performance: The Mediating Effect of Work Resources in Public-Sector Organizations
Janiscus Pieter Tanesab, Jun Jung Park

This paper presents relationships between organizational innovation and organizational work performance mediated by work resources of the Korean public-sector organizations. Previous studies have addressed innovation performance. This study aimed to find the causal-effect relationships among those constructs through work resources that empowered the impact on the organizational work performance as the outcome. The issue of public-sector organizations in terms of organizational innovation, work resources and organizational work performance are discussed, and the variables are briefly explained in the study. Through the survey data from Korean Institute of Public Administration (KIPA), we applied structural equation modeling to analyze the data. The results found that organizational innovation positively influenced organizational work performance, which was triggered by the mediation effect of organizational work resources in Korean public-sector organizations. Finally, the implications and contributions are discussed.

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