The Introduction of Total Quality Management in Greek Public Administration: The Case of Common Assessment Framework (C.A.F.).
Stamatina Giannakopoulou, Panagiotis Alexopoulos

In this work we explore the introduction of Total Quality Management tools in Greek Public Sector. More specifically we researchthe use of Common Assessment Framework (CAF), which is an easy, friendly and economic tool, in order to the increase the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of the Greek Public Administration. For that reason, an exploratory research has been developed, using the case study method in a Greek Public Organization to investigate the above objectives. The article is organized as follows: In the first section we state the problem, aims and objectives. In the second section we introduce TQM/CFA tools for the Public Sector. In the third section we discuss the implementation of CAF in the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Electronic Governance, the outcomes of CAF implementation as well its usefulness. We end with the conclusions.

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