Influence of Strategic Levers on Performance of Kenya’s Manufacturing Firms Operating under the East African Community Regional Integration
Dr. Samwel Otieno

Manufacturing firms accustomed to operating within domestic markets, encounter performance challenges when venturing into regionally integrated markets. Kenya’s manufacturing firms encounter performance challenges while operating under the East African Community regional integration market. Adoption of Strategic levers is an option to remedy the challenge. Strategic levers comprise of rationalization, technology acquisition, automation of production, product quality and regionalization. Regional markets are characterized by increased competition. The study adopted both quantitative and qualitative approaches, with a target population of 216 manufacturing firms and sample size of 138 being considered for the study. The location of the study was Nairobi and surrounding areas. The study sampling frame consisted of 5 sub-sectors out of 14 sub-sectors under Kenya Association of Manufacturers categorization. The findings revealed that, adoption of strategic levers significantly influences performance of Kenya’s manufacturing firms operating under East African Community regional integration in terms of Sales, Profits and Employment.

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